Your First Game

Get familiarised with Torque3D by following a step-by-step guide to create a coin collection game.


To me there is no better way of learning something than to throw yourself into it and get dirty. So we will start right away with the first project. I will not go in depth with how the editors works in this tutorial but I will link you to places where you can get help to a specific task.

The goal of this task is to teach you all of the parts that goes into setting up a really simple gameplay loop. The resulting game will be a very simple multiplayer coin-collecting game where the player who collects the most coins will win:


This guide will cover scripting and logic, not the editors and how to work with Torque3D in general. It’s assumed that you:

  • Are able to run Torque3D

  • Are able to create a new empty level

  • Have familiarized yourself with the editors to some degree

Please read Introduction To The Engine in order to get a quick overview of the engine and getting your development environment setup.

So for a start I will ask you to create an empty project based on the basegame template. If you don’t know how to, take a look at this guide. Now enter the game, press F11 to enter the editor and play around with the terrain editing tools. Launching the Game covers these topics

This guide does not focus on the editors, so if you can’t figure out how to create a terrain, you should seek information somewhere else.

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