Counting coins

If we want the game to be a bit competitive, we need a scoring system. In a coin collection game, it makes sense that whoever picks up the most coins wins. Let's count how many coins we have picked up!
In data/CoinCollection/server/coin.tscript first add a global variable that counts the number of coins we've found at the top of the file:
$CoinsFound = 0;
And then increment that number in the onCollision callback:
function Coin::onCollision(%this, %obj, %col, %vec, %len) {
if (Coins.getCount() <= 0) {
commandToClient(%col.client, 'ShowVictory');
And finally edit data/CoinCollection/client/commands.tscript to show the number of coins found in the message box using the $CoinsFound global:
function clientCmdShowVictory()
MessageBoxOK("You Win!",
"Congratulation you found" SPC $CoinsFound SPC "coins!",
"disconnect();" );