Adding a Coin

Let's create some coins that we can pick up!

Coin Shapes

First we need a datablock for the Coin objects, we'll use a simple StaticShape type of objects, create the file data/CoinCollection/datablocks/coin.tscript with the following contents:

datablock StaticShapeData( Coin ) {
    ShapeAsset = "Prototyping:TorusPrimitive_shape";
    category = "CoinCollectionObjects";

And as usual, remember to register the datablock in data/CoinCollection/CoinCollection.tscript:

function CoinCollection::onCreateGameServer(%this) {

And then drag in the Datablock called "coin" (inside data/CoinCollection/datablocks) into the 3d scene window:

A SimGroup is a collection of objects. If you delete a Simgroup all objects inside it will be deleted as well.

Handle Collisions

We want our coins to have some logic, namely we want them to get picked up when the player runs into them. Let's create file called data/CoinCollection/server/coin.tscript and put the following function inside it:

function Coin::onCollision(%this, %obj, %col, %vec, %len) {

Now what can we make of this? For all static shapes that are using the datablock Coin, hence all our Coin objects, we define a function for the onCollision callback. The engine calls this callback when two objects collide. The parameters it gets is:

%this refers to the datablock.

%obj refers to the coin object.

%col refers to the object colliding with the coin.

%vec is the inverse direction of the impact vector, which tells you the direction of the impact itself.

%len is the length of the impact vector, hence the force of the impact.

When an object collides with the coin, it deletes itself. That was pretty easy huh? This is one of the benefits of an event driven language, it can be incredibly easy to create something cool!

And let's exec it in initServer in the data/CoinCollection/CoinCollection.tscript file:

function CoinCollection::initServer(%this) {

Now run the level again and check that the coins disappear when the Player touches them

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