Custom coin asset

Let's say you have a model, that has been prepared for Torque, and some textures and now you want to use that instead of the boring torus primitive.

We will do a step-by step of how to import these files first download this zip file:

And extract it into data/CoinCollection/objects/korkCoin such that you get the following four files inside that directory:

  • data/CoinCollection/objects/korkCoin

    • korkCoin.fbx

    • korkCoin_albedo.png

    • korkCoin_n.png

    • korkCoin_orm.png

Then click the save button, and confirm that everything looks right by dragging a "korkCoin_shape" asset into the scene.

Finally, open up data/CoinCollection/datablocks/coin.tscript and change the ShapeAsset of your Coin datablock to this newly imported shape:

datablock StaticShapeData( Coin ) {
    ShapeAsset = "CoinCollection:korkCoin_shape";
    category = "CoinCollectionObjects";

Playing a simple animation

The korkCoin.fbx file has a simple animation built in. It simply rotates the coin around once. Let's play this on our coins. The animation is called korkCoin|ambient.

First open up data/CoinCollection/objects/korkCoin/korkCoin.tscript and add the following function to the end of the file:

function korkCoinfbx::onLoad(%this)
    %this.setSequenceCyclic("korkCoin|ambient", "1");

This will make sure that our animation plays on a loop. Now we need to play this animation on all coins that are spawned, we can do that on the onAdd callback for each Coin in data/CoinCollection/server/coin.tscript:

function Coin::onAdd(%this, %obj) {
    %obj.playThread( 0, "korkCoin|ambient" );

Remember here that Coin is the datablock, so the second parameter %obj is the actual Coin instance itself.

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